It is that beautiful time of year again that reminds us to be thankful & the way we want to spend our Thanksgiving is with you. Together as a community! 

Again this year The Bull Wheel has generously offered to host & help us create our community Thanksgiving dinner. They will be suppling the platewear & silverwear that goes on your table. We are asking all who to attend to bring certain items to make sure we have enough of the traditional Thanksgiving side dishes this year. We need your assistance in making this dinner a success & ask you where you would like to dedicate your time to help with our family meal. 

Please ensure you bring serving utensils with your traditional side dish. If your dish is to be served hot, please bring your crockpot with an extension cord (labled with your name). This year, we are asking everyone to get into the Thanksgiving Spirit & to home make the items you bring including desert. This may seem like a lot of work but it truly pays off & everyone will enjoy the fruits of each others labour! 

Please complete the form (to be found at The Globe) & send your amount owing to to RSVP. Please select your first & second choice for the following traditional side dishes as well as which area would be your first & second choice to spend your time assisting. We will email you back with a confirmation of your RSVP as well with the item you will be bringing and what time & area you will be helping assist for to make this community supper a wonderful experience for all who attend. 

Cost - $10.00 per person (under 5 eat for free) 

Location - The Bull Wheel 

3:00 PM - Starting at 3:00 pm set-up your tables including your center pieces, table cloths, stem wear & your traditional side dish (including serving utensils, crockpot & extension cord if needed).  

5:00 PM - Dinner will be served through a buffet style table. Each tables will be asked to dish up & our amazing Fire Department will help assist you and your loved ones!